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Three Phase AMF Panel | PMC Contractor

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  • Operating Volt: 140- 280 VAC (P-N)
  • The contactor coil activates only for 1 sec
  • Automatic load transfer among Mains and genset
  • Auto Start/Auto Stop the Genset when
  • Mains fails/restores Mains input: 3 phase, Gen input: 3 phase
  • LED Indications for mains (R-Y-B), gen ON, load ON, mode & fault
  • Minimum changeover time to protect sensitive equipment
  • Mains restore delay time: 5 sec, Cranking time: 3-5 sec., Cooldown time: 10 sec
  • Gen output delay time: 8-10 sec, 3 cranking attempts for genset with 15 sec intervals Microcontroller-based system with Electrical interlocking
  • Audio visual alarm on common Genset faults
  • Soft button for Auto/Manual mode selection, manual start/stop
  • Battery charger inbuilt
  • Compatible with new electronic controller-based and old key-type gensets as well.
  • Three poles and Four poles are available
  • Current rating 63 Amp. to 150 Amp., suitable for up to 63kVA genset
  • Fabrication: Powder Coated GI Box, Wall mounting, compact size
  • Works well on low/high voltages, no chattering or coil burning, smooth switching
  • Long life and maintenance-free
  • Heavy-duty DMC connection terminal block
  • Screw tight connection for 63 A. and ring type thimble for 100 and 150 A.
  • Provision for Remote operation (auto/manual, start/stop)

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