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Sum Pump Panel | Starter Control Panel For Two Motors (Three Phase)

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  • It controls more than one motor simultaneously/ alternatively. Specially used for sump pump applications.
  • Microcontroller based technology; Wide Voltage range: 200-480 VAC
  • Auto/manual/bypass mode selector switch, Start / Stop push buttons
  • Start delay time in Auto mode, Continuous running capacity: 100+ hrs.
  • Digital Voltmeter (P-P), ammeter, Run hr (999 hrs), LED Indications (Status and individual faults) Y-B Phases, Healthy Power, Phase fail, Rev Phase, Unbal V, Over/Under V, Overload, Dry run, Rmt trip)
  • Fabricated with Rust-free GI Sheet, Wall mounting, compact size, Maintenance free
  • Heavy-duty DMC connection terminals for input and output
  • Screw tight connection and ring type thimble for smaller and higher rating resp
  • PMC Contactor for smooth, fast, and chatter-free switching
  • 5 years guarantee on contactor’s coil against burning Inbuilt MCB/MCCB for short circuit protection