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What are LT Panels & Their Usage?

Led indication LT panel

Introduction to LT Panels

Low Tension (LT) panels are crucial components in electrical distribution systems, used predominantly for low-voltage applications. They manage and distribute power efficiently across industrial, commercial, and residential settings.

Unique Features of Subtech LT Panels

Subtech Electronics' LT panels are unique due to their construction from GPSP (Galvanized Plain Skin Pass) sheets. This material ensures the panels are rust-free, providing enhanced durability and robustness.

Usage of LT Panels

Industrial Applications

Power distribution in manufacturing plants.

Commercial Buildings

Ensuring safe and efficient power management.

Residential Complexes

Reliable power distribution for homes and apartments.

Infrastructure Projects

Power control in large-scale projects like airports and railways.



GPSP sheets prevent rust, extending the panel's life.


Robust construction ensures safer operations.


Optimal power management and distribution.


LT panels are a crucial part of any electrical distribution system, and choosing panels made from high-quality materials like our GPSP sheet ensures long-term reliability and safety. Subtech Electronics provides top-tier LT panels that meet all your power distribution needs.


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